OSHA Ergonomic Facts

• Musculoskeletal disorders account for 35% of all workplace injuries.

• Nearly 1.8 million workers each year suffer from ergonomic injuries.

• It is estimated that 50 cents of every dollar spent on medical costs will be for treating repetitive stress injuries.

• Worker’s compensation claims have nearly tripled in the last two decades. An estimated 60% of this increase is attributed to inadequate ergonomic conditions in the workplace.


Alleviate hand wrist, elbow and shoulder repetitive use long term injuries.

• Avoid thumb and finger injuries

• Faster, healthier, safer driving of all handheld manual hammer driven nails and staples (Wire fence / cable grounding from 1 ¼” to 8” spikes)

• Nail and staple removal / extraction

• Un-Nailing / Un-Stapling

• De-Nailing/De-Stapling

• Safer, faster materials processing for Scrapers, Chisels, Concrete Material Chippers, Pounding and Shapping