Manual hammers have been used for millenniums going back to the caveman. Over recent decades power saws have replaced manual saws, power drills have replaced hand drills. Yes, in the past 40 years, nail guns have replaced hammers for numerous applications but until now there have not been developed dedicated powered safety hammers to perform the numerous functions over hammers.

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Mini Jack Hammers

The first of many powered safety hammers being introduced is the reciprocal motion Mini Jack Hammer. This 5-pound air hammer produces 37 Hammer hits per second and can correctly drive nails, spikes where specified by even novice operators in seconds. With its quick change coupler design, it can be quickly converted to install numerous material processing hammer heads to pounding and processing materials inherent in construction, remodeling, salvage, demolition and similar applications. There are currently 18 quick change fasteners guides and material processing hammer heads.

The very flexible design concept of these powered safety hammers is easily adaptable to perform numerous other specialty applications to serve the needs of all types of businesses and DIY end users internationally.