Welcome To The New World of Powered Safety Hammers And The Way We Build Things

Deliverance Powered Safety Hammer will soon be available for everyone.   The world’s most versatile and complete all-purpose nail and spike driving hammer with Nail & Staple Removers.   Contact us for more details on upcoming shows.

Why Create Deliverance Multi-Use Powered Safety Hammers With Quick-Change Hammer Heads?

Simply to provide faster, safer, healthier powered hammers as an alternative to the use of manual hammers and palm nailers.

  • To reduce ergonomic musculoskeletal repetitive motion injuries

  • To recognize the need for precision-powered hammers to quickly drive all sizes and shapes of handheld nails, spikes, fence staples, and similar fasteners

  • To provide de-nailers and de-staplers

  • To provide un-nailers and un-staplers

  • To provide various types of materials processing hammerheads for scraping, chipping, chiseling, pounding, shaping and many others


Manual hammers have been used for millenniums going back to the caveman. Over recent decades power saws have replaced manual saws and power drills have replaced hand drills. In the past 40 years, nail guns have replaced hammers for numerous applications. Until now, the development of Deliverance-Powered Safety Hammers to replace the numerous functions of manual hammers has not existed.

Why Choose Deliverance Powered SAFETY Hammers?

Deliverance Powered Safety Hammer Kits Will Precisely And Accurately Drive All Kinds Of Hand Held Nails and Spikes.

  • Drives pallet nails 

  • Duplex nails

  • Masonry hardened nails

  • Underlayment nails

  • Siding nails 

  • Spikes

  • And the list goes on…

Deliverance Powered Safety Hammer Is Designed To Make These Jobs Faster And Safer As Well.

    • Un-Nailing
    • Hammering

    • Chiseling

    • Scraping

    • Chipping

Benefits of Deliverance Powered Safety Hammers

  • Alternative to manual hammers and palm nailers
  • Reduce repetitive impact syndrome
  • Reduce musculoskeletal injuries
  • Avoid smashed fingers and thumbs
  • Avoid costly materials damages
  • Save money on dropped, spilled, or bent nails and 30% cheaper than collated
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Get more done in less time and do it SAFER